Social Ecology London

The texts we have studied

First Text: The Politics of Social Ecology by Janet Biehl and Murray Bookchin
This is perhaps the shortest introduction to the politcs of Social Ecology and the first book read in spring 2006.

Second Text: Anarchism, Marxism and the Future of the Left by Murray Bookchin
A collection of later essays by and interviews with Bookchin.

Third Text: “Equality” by Noam Chomsky
An article from the Chomsky Reader which we all enjoyed, and maybe eventually will put online…

Fourth text: Parecon by Michael Albert
Introductory book to Albert and Hahnel’s Participatory Economics, an alternative economic system to capitalism organised according to the values of equality, diversity, solidarity and self-management.

Fifth Text: From Urbanization to Cities by Murray Bookchin
Bookchin’s historical account of municipal and confederal political organisation, as well as a plan for re-humanising modern cities.

*We are currently searching for a couple of articles to read, which will hopefully be put online when we have decided on them. Particularly hoping to get a feminist perspective on Social Ecology.*

Sixth Text: Liberating Theory by Albert, Hahnel et al.
A collaborative effort to evaluate the state of theory on the left today, dealing with intersecting oppressions and forming a vision for social change.

A Social Ecology Reading List
This is an attempt to provide a resource of books and essays on social ecology and libertarian socialism


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The political situation has to change or else we are all going to end up robotic ghouls of the State. I wish you all well.

Comment by Wolfe

Hi Guys,

Can any of you upload Bookchin’s “Anarchism, Marxism and the Future of the Left” as torrent, etc. It’s damn expensive in my country.


Comment by Ziggi

Please feel free to subject my Discourse on Social Ecology [] to your discussion, analysis, critique, comments. It is offered as an open ebook. I revise it all the time. I have just revised the SUMMARY. I would welcome your comments. The web site is first on Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK for searches for Social Ecology.

Comment by J.Kelvyn Richards

Hello, I’m Brazilian, and teaching Social Ecology for Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice staff. My research field is directed at human and non human interactions related with animal welfare, consumers, markets and global economy. My interest in follow the Social Ecology London be justified by the full perspective of its arguments. At this moment I finishing an English version of my work Society, nature and subjectivity: expanding recognition networks. After that, I believe have more consistent considerations about your discussions. Best regards

Comment by Ana Lucia Camphora

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