Social Ecology London

Articles and reviews

This page links to articles and reviews written by members of SEL. They don’t necessarily represent the views of the group as a whole, but are here to spark discussion, extend our thinking and to inform about activities.

Social Ecology in the UK
An article looking at the current relevance of social ecology.

London Calling!
An article reporting on the day of talks and discussions “An Ecology of Freedom” the 17th of March.

Democratic Alternative in the Oslo local election
An article reporting on the Scandinavian communalist organisation Democratic AlternativeĀ“s present activites and plans for 2007 including the participation in the Oslo local election.

Murray Bookchin 1921-2006
An obituary of the great social and ecological writer. Murray Bookchin was the architect of Social Ecology. This piece by Andy Price puts his life and work into context.

Review of Bookchin’s The Third Revolution (Volume 3).
A review of the third volume of Bookchin’s epic history of the revolutions and revolutionary potential. This volume dissects the Russian revolution and how the liberatory upheaval drifted into bolshevik control.

Social Ecology: Basic Principles, Future Prospects.
An interview with Murray Bookchin by Richard Evanoff, originally published in the Japan Environmental Monitor, 1996.

In this interview from 1994 Bookchin presents a summary of his ideas on social ecology and libertarian municipalism. Although intended for a Japanese audience it is one of the best general introductions to his thought.

Democratizing the Municipality, The Promise of Participatory Budgeting An article by Sveinung Legard first published in “Communalism: International Journal for a Rational Society” (

Review of Social Ecology And Communalism
A review of a collection of four essays by Bookchin, published in 2007

Social Ecology and the Ecological Crisis
An article outlining the unique take on ecological issues that social ecology brings to the green movement.

A Social Ecology Reading List
This is an attempt to provide a resource of books and essays on social ecology and libertarian socialism

Is Civilisation Killing the Planet?
An article comparing social ecology with the anti-civilisation strand in anarchism

Remaking Society
A review of Murray Bookchin’s “Remaking Society”, a good introduction to the ideas of social ecology

Social Ecology and Development
An essay examining the relation between social ecology and theories of development

Neighbourhood government
A review of the book “Neighborhood Government” by Milton Kotler

Copenhagen: Flooding the Market

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