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SEL at the Anarchist Bookfair
October 16, 2007, 2:07 pm
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We will be out in force at the London Anarchist Bookfair – 27 October, 10-7 at Queen Mary and Westfield College, Mile End Rd, London E1

As well as having a stall we will be running a couple of workshops –

12pm Room 325
Red Black and Green
An Introduction to Social Ecology

Sick of being told that the way to deal with climate change is change your lightbulbs and trust in treaties and free market solutions? Social Ecology offers a radical libertarian ecological perspective, rooting environmental issues in the social context that created them. This session, run by Social Ecology London, gives an overview of the basic ideas of social ecology, how it differs from other radical green currents, and the reconstructive vision it proposes.

2pm Room 324
Men and Feminism (everyone welcome!)
A workshop led by a member of Social Ecology London.

Anarchists claim to be against all forms of social hierarchy, but how often do we really think beyond economic and political hierarchies?
Of 100 workshops at the climate camp only two were related to women or gender and one of them was cancelled.
What should our response to patriarchy be as anarchists/left libertarians?
What about those of us brought up to become men?
What can men do about male privilege and domination in their own lives?
What can they do as part of a broader movement to challenge these things?
Come along to think about these questions with people of all genders who are interested in discussing and taking action to end male dominance forever!

If you’ve never been to the Bookfair, it’s certainly an experience. From squeezing past the punx at the front door to battling your way through crowded rooms full of stalls, from running away from the scary beardy men who want to talk about their tiny niche version of autonomist marxism to having surprisingly interesting discussions, all human life (of a libertarian left persuasion anyway) is there.

There’s a large number of workshops on, films and performance. Not to mention a creche too.

So come along, come to our workshops and say hello to us on our stall.