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Parecon by Michael Albert
December 3, 2006, 4:39 pm
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“What do you want?” is a constant query put to economic and globalization activists. In yet another volume, Albert expounds on his answer—participatory economics, “parecon” for short—a new economy, an alternative to capitalism, built on familiar values including solidarity, equity, diversity, and people democratically controlling their own lives, but utilizing original institutions fully described and defended in this book.

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A short introduction to the ideas in the book can be found here, at the Parecon website.

Parecon by Michael Albert


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Hi folks, just came accross your site by doing a blog search for Parecon. I was lucky to hear Mr. Albert speak at a radical book fair in EDinburgh.
I was well impressed and bought and read “Parecon”
now I’m reading “Realising Hope”. I really feel the need to have other people to discuss this stuff with.
Your site has inspired me, maybe I’ll try and set up something similar to your group in Ed.

Best wishes, Dave

Comment by Dave Cooper

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