Social Ecology London

Introduction to the Group

We’re a study/action group meeting every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm at LARC (62 Fieldgate Street) in Whitechapel. We’re examining genuine democratic alternatives to capitalism, such as libertarian socialism, communalism, social anarchism and participatory economics. As well as wanting a more just society we feel that it is impossible to tackle ecological issues while ignoring the social context that created them. For more information on what we believe, see here. We’ve also posted an interview with Murray Bookchin which gives a good summary of his personal vision of Social Ecology. Each week, we discuss articles or chapters from a book, plan for events and social activities, share snacks and carry on discussions in the pub afterwards.

The group has been running in its current form since April 2006. A list of texts we have read is available here, and provides links to pages on the individual texts.

Please feel free to leave comments, or email us directly for details of meetings or to be put on our mailing list

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Glad to come across your group. I am not London based but would love to be kept in touch with what you are doing. I am heavily influenced by social ecology & would definitely support moves towards a wider network, a periodical or events under this banner.



Comment by Paul Jennings

I stumbled upon your group doing a Google search for social ecology, along with other related searches like ecopsychology, environmental sociology, architectural psychology etc.

I am an American, from Texas no less, who has been obsessed with these related domains for a number of years. I run an architecture firm, and first became interested in these area over a decade ago merely as a response to repetitive difficulties we were having with getting accurate criteria from our clients, emotional and value based criteria it turned out.

As I am not an academic, merely a lay enthusiast with a practical bent, I set about to do something about my problem.

This process led to the creation of a web-based software that combines psychological testing with architectural programming. We are just now getting it off the ground at

The automated exercises will start coming out one at a time in the next 2-3 weeks, and before we introduce any of this the general public, we are hoping for comment and critique from folks like you who have some expertise and interest in the area.

If any of you have time to check it out, we would be honored by your comments. Right now, all that is up are the user pages…and what would be particularly useful would be critique of our actual testing tools.

As I noted, they will not be out for a few more weeks. We have a rough schedule for the launch of our exercises on the site.

Thanks, and keep up the good work. When you get to the point of having a subscription blog or on-line discussion group, I would certainly be interested in participating.

Comment by Christopher Travis

Hi all,

I am web editor for Blue and for the European Social Ecology Institute. The latter is undergoing review – a major update is overdue! 2007 looks busy for us, and we are not based in London, instead having collective members in Suffolk, Sussex, Ireland, Zagreb, etc. However, I should be able to swing an occasional visit to your meetings.

We hope to get an office / shop / centre up and running in 2007. I am in negotiation with several parties, including Island magazine and Ireland From Below website, Tim Boon Books, GenerationV and others for a site, input, and ideas.

Hope to see you around, and keep in touch! I will be swinging by Angel Alley during the next week. It is unlikely to be Thursday and if it is I will have my 7 year-old with me and a tight schedule for trains, but if possible I’ll at least show my face.

The March date looks more likely.

Hope all proceeds well with your plans!

Tim Barton


Comment by Tim

Hi you all,

nice to see your website. Hope you have some very interesting discussions in your study group. I believe what you are doing is a corner stone in radical education and invaluable for creating a popular movement and communalist organization. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to see you in March.

Sveinung from Democratic Alternative in Oslo, Norway

Comment by Sveinung Legard

To whom it may concern,

I am scientific attaché at the Science and Technology Department of the French Embassy in London.
As part of the “Anglo-French scientific discussion seminars” spanning all domains of science, I am pleased to announce the seminar “Microgeneration and energy savings could make your building autonomous” opened to all and held at The Novartis Foundation in London on Tuesday 15th February 2007 at 6pm.
I thought that your members might be interested in attending this seminar and I was wondering if maybe you could circulate the information among them (the seminar is free, you just need to register at Would it be for instance possible to mention the event in one of your electronic newsletters?

Many thanks in advance for your help with this.

See the advert on our Website:

Kind regards,


Comment by François-Xavier

I just posted the infromation about the meeting in London on our site. Good luck to you all!

Comment by Giorgio

Great to see these issues being purused. We are planning a Social Ecology event in Glasgow later this year and will keep in touch for more collaboration.

in solidarity

Comment by Mike

Keep up the good work, your group seems to be thriving! Would have been great to visit your group together with Sveinung and Eirik, but I guess there’ll be more occasions…

Erik / Democratic Alternative

Comment by Erik

Thanks a lot for a very interesting seminar last weekend. I came back to Norway more inspired than I was before leaving. I hope we can create an international communalist movement together in the years to come! Hope to see you again in a better future.

Sveinung Legard, Demokratisk Alternativ for Oslo

Comment by Sveinung Legard

I’d like to echo the comments by Sveinung and others above – it was a great and educative day which I enjoyed very much. Well organised and very good food too! Hope there will be other days of this kind bringing people together to discuss and debate and then act towards the kind of society we wish to see!


Comment by Fiona

Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

Comment by Bill Compton

This is an excellent website that I will spread the word about. does anyone have an recommended readings of books that they like about social ecology?

Comment by Wolfe

Hey Wolfe,
I reckon a good reading is Murrey Bookchin’s “Anarchism, Marxism & the Future of the Left”. The long middle chapter is a bit trying though, a long refutation of Bookchin’s critics. Bless his cantankerous cotton socks.

Also, check out Communalism- International Journal for a Rational Society at

Comment by Mark A.

Stumbled on your group by accident and very grateful that I did.
An alternative to the frenzied consumerism, celebrity adoration and apathy that pervades our society…it can’t come too soon.
Good luck,

Comment by Godbluff

Safety of what is now termed social housing in the UK and need for replacements of space energy systems and power systems. The UK government has promised direct funding for what is now termed social housing although some do call it unsocial housing. It would seem very sensible to go ahead and replace ineffiecient space heating systems and install new ones that would also be safer and similarly concerning power systems-combined heat and power systems. For vulnerable people with the cuts or squeeze on care and with stressed out friends and relatives surely this is the least that the UK government can do. Or are New Labour planning to work for the fire brigade in the form of enabling fires that kill people. Wake up New Labour or get out. Climate denial and care denial?

Comment by Stuart Black

We just posted a piece about Murray Bookchin at our blog
We hope that you will find it interesting.

With greetings from Greece
Candiru & Aigaiopelagitis

Comment by aigaiopelagitis

Glad to find you, as a hippy generation person, now middle aged, I’m always complaining about the lack of utopian debate. Humanity has got to aim high. I’m involved in monetary reform which I personally believe is one the foundation blocks of radical change. I hope to come to a meeting soon.

Best regards Hugh Barnard

Comment by Hugh Barnard

Hi there

I would love to come along and join the group – though as I work on a rota system I may not be able to attend every week.

I’m interested in learning more about alternatives to Capitalism and your group sounds perfect as it uses text as a basis for discussion which is right up street – being an English Lit bod.

Could you please email me with the full details of the next meet…or do I just turn up next Tuesday?

I hope to hear from you soon and look forward to coming along in the very near future.

Best wishes


Comment by Sal

Are you meeting these days? I want to come join one of your sessions.
Please send me an email.
icfitzpatrick at gmail dot com

Comment by ian

great! social ecology is a great idea!

Comment by mike

Hi, this is excactly the kind of thing I am looking for. The world needs this so badly. I would like to know if you are still up and running? Do I just come along and attend your meetings? Please e-mail me… Thank you.

Comment by Emily

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Comment by Anonymous

I’m searching for a Tim Barton who worked at Berkus Group Architects in Washington, DC in the early 80’s. Could this possibly be you????

Your response would be greatly appreciated.


Comment by Melissa O'Connor

hi melissa, not me, sorry! (& for delayed response)

Comment by socialecologyinstitute

É a primeira vez que tenho contcto com esta página. E,como estou a fazer um trabalho de estratificação social /estratificação ecologica em Cabo Verde mais propiamente da cidade do Mindelo na ilha de S.Vicente, gostaria de ter mais informações vossas.

Comment by Maria Francisca Pinto

Hi Guys.

I’m looking for contacts with the Bookchin scene in London. Any advice you could give me would be great.

Comment by Jon @ Pluto

I am a student at the university of arts london studying documentary and stumbled upon Murray Bookchin when researching the environmental crisis and global warming, finding this group has been a huge inspiration that has inspired my work and effected my personal opinions on such modern issues.

I am at this time researching for a short documentary and trying to find examples of SOCIAL ECOLOGY IN ACTION. Bookchin’s insight to human behaviour our society’s effect on our environment is so extensive and inspiring that i would like to inspire others to learn more and understand as i continue.

If anybody has information or advice i would be extremely grateful. I attempted to attend a meeting last month but when i arrived early at the LARC centre i was unsure as to any life in the building and was left a little confused. What dates will they be held this month?

if anybody would like to contact me please do:

Comment by Ronan Glynn


Comment by pzlWvxhYRi

This site rules

Comment by bob

whats happened to the institute of social ecology.theres been nothing new on their web site for awhile?

Comment by Anonymous

Just been reading The Ecologist online. They made reference to the Sustainable Communities Act, which has been passed in Parliament to enable all citizens to be directly involved in their local government. What is the significance of this Act? What does it mean? How is it being developed? Any comments?

Comment by J.Kelvyn Richards

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Comment by estellnig

I’d really like to come along to one of your meetings at larc, I would have emailed but can’t seem to get outlook to work and can’t find email address any other way. I came to a workshop of yours at the Anarchist bookfair last year and having just moved to london I’m keen to come and hear more about social ecology. Maybe you could send me an email and let me know if its okay to come along to a meeting (and when they are etc.)?

Comment by polly

I happened upon your site whilst following links from researching Rudolf Rocker… in reply to a comment upon a comment I made recently on someone elses blog. The internet works in mysterious ways.

Anyway, an interesting site glad I got here I have bookmarked it for future reference.

Comment by Aaran Aardvark

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Comment by Asian London escorts

Hi, I’m a french researcher in sociology. I intend to go to London in late october (2009). I would be interested in attending one of your meeting. Does the group still exist ?
thank you for your reply
Best wishes
Thomas Brugnot

Comment by Brugnot

hi all
i am from diyarbakır,Kurdistan. We are fighting for the same idea in here.that is really a great idea for humanity.

Comment by serhat

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Hi, sorry to take up your time, but, and I know this sounds a bit odd, I wondered if you’d be interested in looking at a teenage book about kids living in London after a nuclear accident, who are trying to stop nuclear wasted from being dumped at sea. Society is trying to rebuild itself to be better, kinder and greener, but does the government have the same ideals? It’s about democracy and about individuals living in balance with nature and has quire a lot of ecology.
I’m flogging it off my own website at the moment, because I’m desperate to get things moving and a second imprint…It has been in Waterstone’s in the Science Museum etc. (they have been brilliant) but it takes months for the whole distribution thing to work.
The website is in Green Maven and it is genuinely solar powered. If you have a moment,could you look at it?..There is a fairly slow chapter to read, because of not giving the plot away, but it might give an idea.
My business address is on the website and the telephone number. Any comments gratefully received.
Very best wishes,

Comment by JuenBirch

P.S. The Website is
The book is Everyone Can be a herO, published by Inside Outsider Publications.
All the best,

Comment by JuenBirch

I have just read Mat Little’s Green Left Futures (2007)and am very impressed. I am formerly a Marxist revolutionary, who as time passed became increasingly disillusioned with the growing impotency of the militant left and the endless sectarian wrangling. I’ve always had an environmentalist leaning, knowing from early on that capitalism is the cause of the ecological devastation worldwide. I’ve been a member of FOE for the last ten years and I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with its apolitical policy. I believe in the empowerment of people. A few years ago I helped found a credit union in my home town. I am also a part of the transitional movement.

Comment by David Callaghan

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Comment by melony

Some interesting articles on here. I look forward to reading more from your blog.


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Comment by Rory Stansifer

I’m Brazilian social psychologist and will spend eight days in London, in the next August (7 to 15). I would like to visit the Social Ecology London, to know the activities and programs developing by this group and presents some challenges and conflits of the Brazilian actualitty developing process. I live in Rio de Janeiro, and will ministrate the discipline of Social Ecology in the pos-graduation of Environmental Public Management (IUPERJ/ Candido Mendes University). Below, a summary of my academic curriculum:
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4. According to information available on the territory of St. Petersburg, Bryansk region passed an unconstitutional ordinance (the AKP), according to which at night are prohibited from being on the street by people under 18 (!) Years. This contradicts the basic law of Russia – the Constitution, Article 27 on freedom of movement. In addition: 1. Under current law people have the right to start work at the age of 14, to have sex with 16 years, to use public transport to 7 years. A closer look we see that: – The law does not prohibit part time in private, such as for example, help in plumbing work or setting up computer equipment. ACP prevents the implementation of a permanent employment or part-time because it is possible to return to the place of residence to part-time work at any time of the day – the AKP prevent sexual and personal life of the citizens, since the law is not regulated, what time should commit acts of intimacy, acts of intimacy is allowed to do at any time, in any dwelling, respectively, can not be regulated by the return from the meeting – Citizens have the right to use public transport, long before 18 years of age, respectively, prevents the return of the AKP in the residence with good transport links. And if long-distance trains arriving in the city of residence of a citizen in the night? 2. Many citizens are forced to help elderly relatives, which are moved through the city 3. Nonresident citizens often come back at night in a hostel in the city study of native settlements 4. The citizens formed a negative image of the police and the state as a whole (the risk that young people protest can go to the extremist community) 5. Discrimination contributes to mental illness, aggravates social problems may be a factor of depression and suicide crimes 6. The citizen is not obliged to carry a watch, have hours and hours to be able to use. So this is a gross violation of national and international. 7. Moreover, it is a violation of the Russian Federation adopted the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – Articles 2,7,9,10,12,17 pact (since 16 years, people have the right to privacy), 18,21,22, 26 Please distribute, write to the United Nations in the Court of Human Rights, the President of Russia, the Russian prosecutor’s office, the investigative committee of Russia

Comment by Suko

Amazing publish, definitely regret not going on the USO style dinner. Keep up the fantastic get the job done!

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I would like to be put on your mailing list and find out more about the possibility of attending your meetings. I’ve got a Masters in Environmental Economics, worked at ippr on aviation and the environment. I am despondent about the possibility of politicians implementing the necessary policies address global warming when they’re bankrolled by those accumulating and monopolizing social power. Given the potentially cataclysmic effects of runaway climate change I think its increasingly important to think about how we can work with progressive movements to re-think work, production and consumption, developing a popular vision for a future in which human beings can realise their talents and we can live within ecological limits.

Comment by Simon

Hmm it seems like your site ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything.
Do you have any tips for rookie blog writers? I’d
definitely appreciate it.

Comment by video porno

I really like reading a post that can make men and women think.
Also, thank you for permitting me to comment!

Comment by best seller

Can’t wait to come to your next meeting! I’m a huge fan of Murray Bookchin and have tried to start my own social ecology study group to little avail.

Comment by communalist

This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Many thanks!

Comment by adu ayam

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